Team Dynamics in a Software Development Team

Abdurrafi Arief
3 min readJun 28, 2021

When it comes to programmers, there is a stereotype that we are loners working in a dimly lit room, typing away on a computer. Which is mostly false. The reality is programmers work on teams, socializing with other people. Because we work on teams, it is important for programmers, and people in general, to understand the importance of team dynamics.

Reality is programmer usually work as a team

What is “Team Dynamics”?

Team dynamics is a term that describes the behavioral relationships between the members of a team. The the dynamic between them includes the way they interact, communicate and work together. The success of a team, is greatly influence on the team’s dynamics.

In the context of a software development team, the things to pay attention to are the way the team divides programming work, how the team codes together, or how the team decides on the technology used and the purpose of the software.

What values are important for good team dynamics?

There are three competencies that is of importance and must be present within the team:

  1. Alignment
    Every member of the team must understand the goals and direction of the software development project. They must know the requirements for the project and understand that there are priorities to be met for the project. Each member must not vie off the goal to much and not introduce unnecessary features.
  2. Transparency
    If there are any issues during development, they must be faced and brought up. Other members also should be supportive and help face these issues. It is important for each member to be forward with what they are doing and any problems they face.
  3. Accountability
    Each member must be aware of their responsibilities and understand the importance of following through with their tasks. If there needs to be a feature done by tomorrow, the programmer responsible should get it done by then.

With these 3 central values, a team can improve and build good dynamics.

How to have good team dynamics in a Software Development Team?

Here are some tips so your team can have good team dynamics:

  1. Good Communication
    “Communication is key to success” as the saying goes. So for a Software Development team to work well, good communication is needed. Division of features should be clear. Every member should know what the other members are working on. If there are any issues during development it should be brought up. And etc.
  2. Put Plans in Writing
    Every software development team, should have a way of mapping out their plans somewhere. For example a Scrum Board. On the board, write down the features that need to be developed, and mark the ones that are being worked on or done. That way everyone knows what is going on and what the goal of the project is.
  3. Have a good leader
    For a team to function well, a team must have a leader. A leader to divide responsibilities and also follow up on progress. And overall manage the team.

Hopefully with these tips, your team can be more successful!

Personal Experience with Teams

Currently, I am working with a team of college mates on developing a mobile application for a client. The team works so well, because we meetup often to discuss what must be done and any problems we are facing. We also help each other out, if any of us have any problems with coding. We also have a leader in the form of a “Product Manager” which assigns each of us the task that we must code. So far, work has been okay and fun to do.

That is all from me, hope you learned something new!