Personas (not Persona 5)

The persona being discussed here not to be confused with this persona. Source:

Advantage of using Personas

  1. Synchronizes the team view about the users.
    With personas, the team’s perspective about the user base will be more consistent and conformed.
  2. Helps identify problems that need to be solved by the software being made.
    With personas it is much more easier to identify each of the potential user’s problems needs and wants.
  3. Serves as a guideline for development.
    Personas can also help as a guideline when developing the design of a product.

Types of Personas

  1. Goal-directed Personas
    This focuses on the personas goal when using a product. It usually answers the question “What will my user’s do with my app?”.
  2. Role-based Personas
    This persona focuses on the user’s role within an organization. It is also goal based but seen from a role perspective. Ex: The secretary will need to see all proposals going out of an app but a staff member won’t need to.
  3. Engaging Personas
    This is can be a mix of role-based and goal-directed personas. It is a well rounded one. The goal of this persona is to incorporate the psychology of a user, their emotions and background.
  4. Fictional Personas
    This persona is usually made based on the assumption of the development team.

Personal Experience with Personas




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