Dockers to help save the day

Have you ever worked on a project, had it working but when your friend tried to work on it, it did not work? Were you stumped on why it did not work?

Well one of the most likely reasons is because not every computer is built the same. A program you made on your computer might not work on someone else’s computer. Especially if the computers’ OS are different. One is using Arch Linux while the other is using Ubuntu. But there is a way to remedy this and that is to use a docker.

What is a Docker?

A Docker is like a mini virtual machine. Dockers allow the program to be ran on the same kernel as the computer, unlike a virtual machine which emulates an entire OS. This helps with performance and reduces the size of the application.

Who is a Docker for?

How to use a Docker?

Do you have to use a Docker?

Another important thing to note is, Dockers can help with certain program architectures. So maybe your program architecture needs to use a docker or maybe not. Try it and find out!

In conclusion, dockers are a very useful toolkit for any developer. And the very least, all developers should be acquaintanced with it.




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